Great Plain Selkies

Welcome my fellow selkies. We are few and myseterious.

Wovenwar is pretty much the remnants of As I Lay Dying that aren’t in jail.

Apparently they’ve been working on this album with the clean singer/guitarist of Oh, Sleeper and it’s pretty much ready to go. They promise a full track on Monday, so we’ll have to wait to see what we get. It seems to have a pretty big sound and I like big.

I’m pretty stoked as back in the day, I was definitely an As I Lay Dying fan.

Djent Lyrics Generator

I’m dying.

It’s a shame that Kendrick Lamar only has a quick verse in the beginning, but Alicia Keys holds the song down throughout and you can hear Pharrell's signature flair in the chorus.

I’m a bigger fan of John Williams than I am of Hans Zimmer, but his cameo in the end of the video is nice and he seems like a fun guy.

I haven’t seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2 yet, but I want to see it even more now.

I was talking about female fronted bands with a friend today (see Alissa White-Gluz taking over vocals on Arch Enemy) and I thought about what has to be one of the hottest chicks in metal; Jill Janus. So; let’s get to our Friday Appreciation Post

She’s a part of Huntress and she is a babe with the voice of a professional opera singer (for real), the body of an angel and the grit of the gnarliest metalhead.

As for her body, she’s very proud of it. She used to DJ topless at the clubs before she was a part of Huntress.

:d damn son. That’s her and Snoop Dogg!!!

Straight from her mouth,

"I was living in New York City and needed cash. So I learned how to DJ, but added a gimmick to make more money. I did it topless. A few years later, I have Playboy to thank for legitimizing topless DJ’ing as a lucrative business, although I quit when Vexy Strut was formed. That was my goal all along – to get your attention as a singer and songwriter. So what – I showed you my boobs. Mission accomplished!"

More power to this powerful woman. She has absolutely no fear and it seems like she has absolutely zero confidence issues; and that alone is hot.

Do you have a favorite female fronted band? What about some suggestions for ladies of color in metal? Let me know!

Pretty interesting reactions, and yes, it was awesome to be at their concert.