Great Plain Selkies

Welcome my fellow selkies. We are few and myseterious.

stupid dumb crazy hyphy metal

Submitted by Matthew.

I skipped to the middle of the song and was instantly like- oh shit. I can jam to this. 

It’s not often that I’ll buy an LP without it coming from a band I know, or having heard the whole thing or getting a personal recommendation from a friend. This is one of those times.

Caligula’s Horse's friends Arcane have an update on their dual LP coming up and its sounding pretty delicious.

The dude’s seem like a fun bunch too, so I would definitely check out the video, but skip to 3:20 for the tunes.

Nilu, an ex-student of my ex-TA at UCSC. Got it?

Anyways, she has an amazing voice. “What I’m Looking For” is a sultry and sexy tune that has just enough instrumentation to provide some backup for her voice.

Check out more on their website.